SASCO thanks Appco Singapore for signing 16,000 donors

A team from Appco Group Singapore and face-to-face fundraisers have had the chance to see first-hand the impact of their work signing almost 16,000 active donors for elderly-care charity SASCO.

Appco Singapore, which has been working with SASCO since 2013, has recruited almost 16,000 active donors for SASCO and, as of December 2014, raised S$9.5million (£4.7 million).

To celebrate this success, SASCO invited the group to its newest ‘Integrated Eldercare Centre’, which opened in January and provides comprehensive services to support the frail elderly.

Fundraisers were impressed with the design and facilities provided, and proud to see how their hard work had contributed to the expansion and development of the centre.

Owner Cai You Jia, said he was very impressed with the attention to the needs of the elderly: “I believe the cosy environment and kind caregivers, make it easy for the elderly to call this place a second home.”

SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home was established in 1981 with the aim of caring for the elderly in homes or day care centres.