image008One word that sums us up is opportunity – every single person in our organisation has come through a sales programme and gone through a development and training system that really is second to none. We have a unique and proven track record of bringing people through from a sales environment all the way through to managing and operating their independent marketing companies. We are extremely proud of having done it 100’s of times globally and over 80 times across South East Asia.

With our global network and increasing client demand for field sales solutions we’re expanding into new markets around the world faster than ever before.

When choosing your career there are a few things to consider and most of us are looking for the big three.

Enjoyment, not just work!

We encourage our people to enjoy themselves in their daily work – knowing very well that this makes the customer or donor experience more meaningful and the work more rewarding.

image010We realise people prefer that work is enjoyable part of their life and we have modelled our business around encouraging contribution, celebrating success and collaborating with individuals and teams to assist them in achieving their potential.

If travel and regional working opportunities interest you, events are held in various cities throughout South East Asia.

There are many conferences, meetings and conventions held in different cities across the region giving delegates the opportunity to visit other countries.

By choosing to contract to one of our associated marketing companies, you are sure to develop some positive working relationships. Through regular team activities, the associated marketing companies make a genuine effort to encourage these positive relationships.

Career path 900x500pxpdf

Career advancement and good money

The Appco career development path illustrated, shows you how we take our people
from a sales and marketing role (independent contractor) all the way through to
management and strategy positions (Leadership right through to becoming an
Owner and above) with the earning potential increasing incrementally at each stage.

The career development path has become the corner stone of how we fulfil this
growing market demand and have incredibly talented people in the right places
around the world.