At the regional head offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines, Hong Kong, and South Korea there are over 250 people employed by Appco to service the clients and support the independent marketing company network and the self-employed independent contractors they contract to.

We are the conduit between the clients and the marketing/field sales network. The divisional teams are experts in their sectors and work with the clients to develop face-to-face campaigns that will deliver their customer or donor-acquisition objectives.

Around the region, independent contractors are contracted, on a self-employed basis, to independent marketing companies in our network.

For 28 years, our self-employment model has given thousands of people around the region in Asia and across the world, the opportunity to define their own career paths and levels of commitment and income. Whether you simply want to earn money while studying or travelling, or you’re planning to build your own business in direct sales, there are opportunities for you within the Appco network.

There is another benefit to our self-employment model, this time for the clients. We believe very strongly in delivering quality customers and donors for the clients, not just quantity. Independent contractors are paid on performance, for each customer or donor they sign up who then stays on for a certain period of time. This will vary, depending on the agreement with the client.

This model discourages pressure selling and ensures that independent contractors are encouraged to engage with people and have meaningful, informative conversations to identify whether they have a genuine interest, need and/or affinity for the product, service or charitable cause.

Independent contractors are contracted on a self-employed, commission-only basis.

This means entrepreneurial people can choose flexible working opportunities and have the ability to define their own career paths.

The model allows them to determine their level of commitment and effort, and take full control of their income and life choices. They can also tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience to allow them to develop on a personal and business level, with an opportunity to create and grow their own business venture.