We are the first to admit that door-to-door sales and fundraising is not for everyone. As well as direct sales ability, the role requires hard work, perseverance and the ability to maintain a positive attitude on the days when you don’t make the sales you were aiming for. And while independent contractors (ICs) may work in teams within an area, you do spend a proportion of your day working on your own.

For these reasons, it is important to provide opportunities for people to meet and share their experiences, ask for advice and, yes, be motivated by others’ success. The independent marketing companies that ICs are contracted to usually facilitate morning meetings for this exact purpose, and the majority of ICs in the network find they are useful. It is also a very easy way to find out if there are any changes to the product or charity campaign.  

Appco Group itself also holds various events throughout the year to allow people from across the network to get together, understand how Appco can support their business development, learn from those who’ve achieved success in the direct sales industry and, yes, be motivated and inspired.

Again, we understand that this environment is not to everyone’s taste, but we are proud of the thousands of ICs across the globe who are currently working hard and enjoying what they do.

The Appco Group model is often misunderstood, or not explained as clearly as it could be. It also must be said that door-to-door sales and fundraising is not for everyone and, sometimes, those who have not enjoyed it exercise their right to describe their experiences online.

But that doesn’t give the full or accurate picture of what we do. It also doesn’t reflect the positive experiences that literally thousands of field representatives past and present have had within the Appco network. And finally, it does not account for the countless clients – numerous household names among them – that have chosen to work with us over the 28 years we have been in business.

In every country in which we operate, Appco Group Asia complies with all relevant laws and codes of practice for every sector.

No, Appco is not a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme requires people to personally contribute financially and they are then paid for recruiting people into the business.

No one within Appco’s operational model is paid in this way, nor are they ever required to make a personal financial contribution to the business.