Country Head of Thailand and Hong Kong, Wong Chee Wai is Asia’s newest Vice President

Congratulations to Wong Chee Wai who became Asia’s newest Vice President at the Asian Convention 2014!

Over 1,650 people from across Asia, plus visiting guests from 10 countries attended the event of the year to recognise the achievements and success of top performers across Asia’s sales and marketing network.

Chee Wai graduated with an outstanding degree in Finance. Blessed with a great aptitude to learn, he excelled in his education and his first job was working for an investment bank. Though he was still working in the bank, Chee Wai was always on the search for bigger and better opportunities and in September 2002, Chee Wai took a leap of faith and joined Appco Group Asia. He initially worked in the telecommunications division and quickly progressed to other projects.

Chee Wai’s sky-high ambitions and high standards made him a perfect candidate to set up Appco Group Thailand in 2007. Today, Chee Wai’s organisation spreads across four countries, with more than 30 offices and over 1,000 Field Representatives.

What separates Chee Wai from the rest is his strong work ethic, unlimited energy, and a “you-can’t-knock-me-down” attitude. Always an inspirational leader, one who isn’t afraid of challenges and a person who leads by action, Chee Wai is an inspiring example for all.

Chee Wai also won Owner and Marketing Office of the Year award for 2014 together with the Chairmans Club award.

The Asian Convention 2014 was held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Malaysia on 25 November 2014 and was hosted by Executive Director and Vice President James Greaves.

Check out the photos from the event at Appco Group Asia's Facebook profile.