Frequently Asked Questions


Whether you want to give a positive review or make a complaint, we welcome your feedback. All comments are taken into consideration and used to make our service and business even better.

Please either email us at or write to us at:
Appco Sdn Bhd
Level 18, Axiata Tower,
No. 9, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5,
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50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We speak to over 600,000 people every month around the region in Asia and the vast majority of those people enjoy their interactions with the fundraisers and independent contractors in our network.

However, we understand that there are times when you need to advise us of areas where we could improve.

Your query will be treated with the utmost consideration and, if it can’t be dealt with directly by the team, it will be forwarded to the Appco Group Malaysia staff member who is best placed to assist you further.



Clients have so many choices when it comes to choosing the right marketing channel. Most organisations use a mixture of different advertising channels to get their message across. But we believe that people still respond best to people – and we’re not alone.

Appco Group Malaysia offers clients a way to introduce, advertise and sell a product or service – all at the same time. We help companies increase sales, increase market share, connect with their customer base, and build their brand.


At Appco Group Malaysia we place the clients at the centre of everything we do.
Our performance based model means the clients only pay for the results we deliver. We do not charge set up or management fees, we do not charge an hourly rate or require a minimum level of investment. We are remunerated purely on performance, which means the onus is on us to consistently deliver quality customers. We insist on the highest possible standards of integrity and accountability at all times.

We make a commitment to the clients through our brand promises of risk free customer acquisition, guaranteed return on investment and brand enhancement.

Risk free customer acquisition
The clients only pay for the customers or donors we deliver, ensuring risk free customer acquisition. This is our key differentiator as most advertising and marketing companies require upfront investment where there is little guarantee that it will work.
Guaranteed return on investment
Quality interactions, creates quality customers and donors resulting in high value returns for the companies and charities we represent. In addition working with Appco creates a return-on-investment, anything from four to 12 times depending on the customer or client we work with.
Brand enhancement
We insist on the highest possible standards of integrity and accountability at all times. We deliver unrivalled brand enhancement and superior quality customers and donors for the clients. We are without doubt the best company in the world at delivering high volume sales, while still leaving every customer we interact with positive, regardless of whether they become a customer/donor or not.

The simple answer is because it works – and the results are much more measurable, unlike TV campaigns, newspaper adverts and billboards.

Commercial clients
We generate over US$45,000 in sales every month across the region.

Charity clients
On average, every month in Asia, we secure more than 21,000 donors for the charity partners, which means that between them they receive more than US$115 million in donations – every month (based on a donor giving for an average of three years).

Appco Group Malaysia uses a performance-based model, which means the onus is on us to deliver committed, long-term, customers or regular-giving donors because commercial clients and charities only pay us for the customers or donors we deliver.

Contracts with our commercial and charity clients are agreed on a campaign basis, and payments to Appco Group Malaysia come from a pre-allocated sales or fundraising budget (which may, for example, also include TV and billboard advertising).

We are paid by a commercial client or charity client for each customer or donor recruited. This is a one-off payment from a pre-allocated sales or fundraising budget. All sales or donations made by people signed up by the face-to-face independent contractors in our network go directly to the nominated client or charity.


image008One word that sums us up is opportunity – every single person in our organisation has come through a sales programme and gone through a development and training system that really is second to none. We have a unique and proven track record of bringing people through from a sales environment all the way through to managing and operating their independent marketing companies. We are extremely proud of having done it 100’s of times globally and over 80 times across South East Asia.

With our global network and increasing client demand for field sales solutions we’re expanding into new markets around the world faster than ever before.

When choosing your career there are a few things to consider and most of us are looking for the big three.

Enjoyment, not just work!

We encourage our people to enjoy themselves in their daily work – knowing very well that this makes the customer or donor experience more meaningful and the work more rewarding.

image010We realise people prefer that work is enjoyable part of their life and we have modelled our business around encouraging contribution, celebrating success and collaborating with individuals and teams to assist them in achieving their potential.

If travel and regional working opportunities interest you, events are held in various cities throughout South East Asia.

There are many conferences, meetings and conventions held in different cities across the region giving delegates the opportunity to visit other countries.

By choosing to contract to one of our associated marketing companies, you are sure to develop some positive working relationships. Through regular team activities, the associated marketing companies make a genuine effort to encourage these positive relationships.

Career path 900x500pxpdf

Career advancement and good money

The Appco career development path illustrated, shows you how we take our people
from a sales and marketing role (independent contractor) all the way through to
management and strategy positions (Leadership right through to becoming an
Owner and above) with the earning potential increasing incrementally at each stage.

The career development path has become the corner stone of how we fulfil this
growing market demand and have incredibly talented people in the right places
around the world.


There tends to be a bit of confusion around this, but it’s really quite simple once you have the correct information.

Appco Group Malaysia sits in the middle and, on one side, directly manages relationships with the clients. On the other side, Appco also contracts independent marketing companies to provide the self-employed independent contractors who represent Appco’s clients on face-to-face sales and fundraising campaigns.

Take a look at our diagram below for a simple visualisation of our model.

MALAYSIA Self Employed IC 500x900px
All independent contractors have the option to progress to building their own team and eventually owning their own marketing company, with access to the support and experience of the Appco Group Malaysia network.

Most people become Owners or Owner Partners have never owned or run their own business before.

Appco Group Malaysia endeavours to support each and every Owner Partner and Owner to be successful.
The more successful you are as an Owner Partner/Owner and above the more well trained your
independent contractors are, the better results they produce, the better the client does, the greater
expansion opportunities for Appco Group Malaysia. Hence, our philosophy of win-win-win.

Appco Group Malaysia does not operate under any other names. It is sometimes confused or interchanged with its sister company, the Cobra Group of Companies – of which Appco Group is a subsidiary.

In all markets in which Appco Group operates, we conduct marketing and customer acquisition campaigns on behalf of the clients, using their branding to ensure maximum awareness and understanding of their products, services and worthy causes.


At the regional head offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines, Hong Kong, and South Korea there are over 250 people employed by Appco to service the clients and support the independent marketing company network and the self-employed independent contractors they contract to.

We are the conduit between the clients and the marketing/field sales network. The divisional teams are experts in their sectors and work with the clients to develop face-to-face campaigns that will deliver their customer or donor-acquisition objectives.

Around the region, independent contractors are contracted, on a self-employed basis, to independent marketing companies in our network.

For 28 years, our self-employment model has given thousands of people around the region in Asia and across the world, the opportunity to define their own career paths and levels of commitment and income. Whether you simply want to earn money while studying or travelling, or you’re planning to build your own business in direct sales, there are opportunities for you within the Appco network.

There is another benefit to our self-employment model, this time for the clients. We believe very strongly in delivering quality customers and donors for the clients, not just quantity. Independent contractors are paid on performance, for each customer or donor they sign up who then stays on for a certain period of time. This will vary, depending on the agreement with the client.

This model discourages pressure selling and ensures that independent contractors are encouraged to engage with people and have meaningful, informative conversations to identify whether they have a genuine interest, need and/or affinity for the product, service or charitable cause.

Independent contractors are contracted on a self-employed, commission-only basis.

This means entrepreneurial people can choose flexible working opportunities and have the ability to define their own career paths.

The model allows them to determine their level of commitment and effort, and take full control of their income and life choices. They can also tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience to allow them to develop on a personal and business level, with an opportunity to create and grow their own business venture.


We are the first to admit that door-to-door sales and fundraising is not for everyone. As well as direct sales ability, the role requires hard work, perseverance and the ability to maintain a positive attitude on the days when you don’t make the sales you were aiming for. And while independent contractors (ICs) may work in teams within an area, you do spend a proportion of your day working on your own.

For these reasons, it is important to provide opportunities for people to meet and share their experiences, ask for advice and, yes, be motivated by others’ success. The independent marketing companies that ICs are contracted to usually facilitate morning meetings for this exact purpose, and the majority of ICs in the network find they are useful. It is also a very easy way to find out if there are any changes to the product or charity campaign.  

Appco Group itself also holds various events throughout the year to allow people from across the network to get together, understand how Appco can support their business development, learn from those who’ve achieved success in the direct sales industry and, yes, be motivated and inspired.

Again, we understand that this environment is not to everyone’s taste, but we are proud of the thousands of ICs across the globe who are currently working hard and enjoying what they do.

The Appco Group model is often misunderstood, or not explained as clearly as it could be. It also must be said that door-to-door sales and fundraising is not for everyone and, sometimes, those who have not enjoyed it exercise their right to describe their experiences online.

But that doesn’t give the full or accurate picture of what we do. It also doesn’t reflect the positive experiences that literally thousands of field representatives past and present have had within the Appco network. And finally, it does not account for the countless clients – numerous household names among them – that have chosen to work with us over the 28 years we have been in business.

In every country in which we operate, Appco Group Asia complies with all relevant laws and codes of practice for every sector.

No, Appco is not a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme requires people to personally contribute financially and they are then paid for recruiting people into the business.

No one within Appco’s operational model is paid in this way, nor are they ever required to make a personal financial contribution to the business.